bardkris (bardkris) wrote,

So... update?

Things are mostly pretty great.

Work mostly loves me and finds me awesome, so looking like a decent raise is coming. School is mostly working fine, though I'm actually having to work for once. Possibly getting involved in the Pagan group at Sam, though they are very young and at that point where they get lesbianism confused with misandry, friendship confused with sex, and a little bit of knowledge confused with wisdom. So we'll see. Love having a gaming group again, though they are all newbies, so I'm likely to be running for quite some time and not playing. Zak has been hit with a sudden desire for my company, so we've been playing 360 together. Writing has been rather awesome.

Oh, yeah. Found a word that summed up my relationship with Misty all those years ago. I knew there was one. It's Cicisbeo.

Um, tons of stuff going on. I should really get my thoughts together before I hit this bitch. Oh, well. Mostly good. We'll see later, I suppose.

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