bardkris (bardkris) wrote,

I'm not sure what to do.

Arabic scares me. The class for it, I mean. The guy teaching it is from the Fullbright commission and he's used to teaching people who speak Arabic English, but his english is a pretty broken and he said one of my warning phrases last class. (Warning phrases: when someone says a phrase that warns you of some major problem in future discussions. Examples include "I'm not racist, but...", "Everyone has rights, but...", "You people..." and "This is obvious. How are you not getting this?" the last one especially from a teacher.) I have nothing against said teacher and will see if he gives me any further warning phrases today. If he does, I may drop the class. That's the other thing. Almost everyone in the class is taking it because they are military or want to be law enforcement or FBI. I'm a little interested in the language, but... am I interested enough to want to take the class with a bunch of people who want it so they can 'enforce' their agenda. Hearing a few of them talking before and after class was kind of scary and frustrating.

I'm also a little worried about my motivations for taking arabic. All the 'sensible' people in my life said, "Wouldn't you rather maybe take something more familiar? You already know some German," and that is true, and it made me want to take arabic more. Still, since my primary goal is getting through frigging school so I can be a damn teacher already, maybe I should take the easy less scenic route. I feel like my career (similar to 'biological') clock is ticking and I want to be doing my real job... answer my calling, you know? I worry sometimes that I'm too old to just be starting teaching, but that's a whole other kettle of fish.

Here's the deal, though. Travis reminded me that I could co-enroll at Blinn and take my foreign languages there if they transfer. On the one hand, that sounds awesome, because Blinn is much cheaper, but I also worry that I'm excited about it because it means I can go back somewhere familiar. So... if it comes to that... what should I do? I guess I've got the weekend to decide.

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